Ganesh Moto is owned and operated by Ryan Arends. He is the "Do it all guy" - Welder, Fabricator, Wiring, Mechanic, Wrench.


A common question he is asked:" what dont you do?" in which he usually replies "If you think it I can build it." Founded in 2013, Ryan came up with the GaneshMoto name on his Instagram account, identifying closely with the Hindu god Ganesha. Shortform is that Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect,wisdom and as the god of beginnings. This is the "Motto" of GaneshMoto.

History - like many skilled mechanics, Ryan as a child grabbed a screwdriver and started to tear apart toys just to figure out how it worked. By the time he was 14 he began to grow a deep interest in electronics and started practicing his soldering and circuitboard building skills in his spare time. At 16 he was an audio installer witih Sounds Good Stereo where he started building his basic electrical skills doing audio installations. Not more than a year later he started his first engine swap and general mechanics, from his high performance obsession he was constantly around South florida's top shops watching, learning listening. 20 he was hired by conosur aviation as a shop technician and reconditioned and rebuilt parts for military aircraft, this is his refinement stage. 22 - Toyota technician where he quickly moved to team leader and left to help his family build thier business in cargo. After a hiatus out of the shop for 6 years he returned strong, working with Eric Devendorf as a mentor. Eric polished up Ryan's skills and shop practices, being around race shops since childhood ryan picked up welding very quickly and began fabricating as soon as he laid his first bead. which leads us to where he is now "GaneshMoto!"

Ryan is an ASE certified mechanic and is constantly continuing his education with welding programs and workshops.

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